Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kamayan?  
"Kamayan" is the traditional Filipino way of eating with your hands.

Our Kamayan service is a cultural culinary experience that is fun for the whole family. Kamayan is a traditional way of eating in the Philippines. The word "Kamayan" literally means to eat with your hands. The food comes out family-style and is plated on banana leaves that cover your whole table. Your choice of rice will be plated in the center of the table, and all of the traditional dishes will be decoratively placed for everyone to share. There will be no plates and no utensils, your dinnerwill be really "hands on." ;)


Why do I need to make a reservation for a Kamayan?

Our Kamayan menu is food not typically found on our daily menu.  We need time to shop, prep, marinade your Kamayan feast for your group.  We put in a lot of labor and effort to bring you the kind of Kamayan experience that is currently only found at MFK.


Are your prices for a certain number of people per group?


All Kamayan prices are for each individual person, we do not have any group pricing.


Why do you need my credit card info when I make a reservation?

We need a credit card on file to hold a reservation. The card is not charged unless you cancel less than 24 hours before your reservation.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

CANCELLATION FEES apply. To wave fee, Cancellations and or changes must be made 24hrs in advanced. Cancellations and or changes made less than 24 hours will be charged 50% of the total bill.  There will be a full-charge for No-cancel/No shows. This fee will also apply to the no shows in the party.

What if some one in my party does not want to participate in the Kamayan?

Everyone sitting at the Kamayan table will be charged according to our Kamayan prices whether or not they choose to eat.